6th Scent Candle

Rose Petal Soy Candle

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ROSE PETAL soy candle is infused with a classic scent of fresh-picked red rose petals, jasmine blossom and bigger geranium oil. A floral bouquet reminiscent of red roses – warm, sweet and fruity. In addition to its scent, air dried rose petals and leaves throw their natural scents.

The 6th Scent Candles are hand poured and hand-labelled with love and made to order in small batches. They are made with 100 % natural soy wax and lead & zinc free cotton wicks/natural wood wick are used. No additives, preservatives, phthalates, or petroleum.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Rose Petals, Soy Wax, High-quality fragrance oil, Sticker, Cotton wick, Wood wick

Height: 1 7/8″
Diameter: 2 3/4″
Burn Time: 30 hours

Height: 3.25″
Diameter: 3.125″
Burn Time: 40 hours