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About us

Fine Details Living grew out of a love of quality , craftsman made creations for our everyday world. We strive to put the focus back on the makers and creators from around  Canada .

As a young girl growing up in Northern Ontario, I grew up watching my elder family members use items that never broke. Quality creations that as an adult I could never understand why similar items at the store never lasted as long or worked as well. Realizing that the reason why was they were all made by craftsman, artists, small family created businesses where quality was number one, I started to look around to find these same creations to both enjoy, use and pass on to the next generation.

Our family goal with Fine Details Living is to find , share and showcase those same quality creations with you. To not just dispose of something so quickly because it does not work anymore or it broke but to share creations that you will be happy to have in your home, that work and you can pass on to your next generation family members. Treats and food items that are made from family farms with quality ingredients. Being Canadian we will always want to loudly share Canadian artists and craftsman as it is truly incredible the wealth of creation we have in Canada,  we want very much to share this journey of celebrating what is created by the hands and hearts of these creators with you.

Let's go on an Adventure